7 New Postcards 

(In Dutch)

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Kaart 01  "Blauwfeestbeest"
Kaart 02  "Gefeliciteerd!"
Kaart 03  " Zebra feest"
Kaart 04  "Toupet"

Kaart 05 "Chineesje neutraal"

Kaart 06 "Chineesje lijntjes"

Kaart 07 "Op het strand"


7 New postcards for little children and big ones!

In this postcards package you will find 2 different series that belong together.
- An animal serie for children (4)  
- A serie for adults (3)

You'll find a series of postcards where 4 animal friends have something to celebrate; a giraffe, two small zebra and a small cow! 
What will they have to celebrate?

In addition to these 4 animal friends there are 3 cards that belong together.
You'll find two little Chinese men; one meditating with his cigaret, the other one flowing thoughts out of his cigarette. 
On the last card we see a couple on the beach, looking at an ...apple?
What will they all think? 

Surprise a friend by sending your thoughts on one of these cards!
I made the original illustration by hand and worked in the computer.
Colors I used: black, blue, soft blue, soft brown, yellow, green, orange, red.
Materials: ink, watercolor, pencil, acrylic.

- Size: A6 (regular card size)
- Single-sided, back printed with line and stamp drawing.

- shipping costs €1,38 in Netherlands, €2,30 Everywhere out of Netherlands